40 Hours Game Jam results

The results of my first ever game jam weren't too shabby, you can see how Ten Seconds Without Gravity did here.

For the record I never saw the movie Gravity, but I did see The Martian, and I think the end of that is pretty much the same as Gravity.

Based on feedback from the jam I've tried to make it a little clearer when the character is moving by offsetting the view as the player gains speed. More points of reference would probably still help, but it's hard not to confuse them with the flying debris that needs to be avoided.

Also added a mute control, and got keyboard input working (who knew the frame needed to be focused for the events to trigger on itch.io).

Marking this one as finished now. It's not the most fun you can have with a computer, but I'm pleased with it as the second game I've finished this decade, and isn't that what Jams are all about?

Of the rest of the entries I particularly enjoyed Shift by Momo, and Super Secret Bomb Mascarade from Iti got a big laugh by suddenly handing me lit explosives.


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Mar 17, 2018

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